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*Prices do not include gratuity

All massage is therapeutic, so The Massage Center doesn't differentiate between modalities. I take from my vast knowledge and education to tailor each massage to the individual client's needs. I adapt a multitude of massage disciplines to create a unique and nurturing experience.


Whether you are looking to relax or need deep, therapeutic work, your massage is catered to your needs using a variety of massage modalities including relaxation, neuromuscular, trigger point, and myofascial, and stretching.  If you are suffering from chronic pain, severe tension, or stress, this massage is designed to meet your specific needs.  

These massages  (excluding prenatal massage) include complimentary hot towels for feet, warm neck wrap, and your choice of 5 different essential oils. 

60 Minutes                             $85
75 Minutes                             $100
90 Minutes                             $115
120 Minutes                           $145

Don't have a lot of time or only want to work on specific areas?  This can be performed fully clothed.  This is perfect for some quick relief or if you are new to massage.

45 Minutes                             $60


Herbal Poultice

This massage combines pressure points, a steamed herbal poultice, and a hands on massage. Herbs and spices such as lemongrass, tumeric, and camphor are wrapped in a soft muslin fabric.  The poultice is steamed and worked over the entire body to warm and relieve sore muscles. The best part is you get to take the poultice home with you!

75 Minute Herbal Poultice        $120

90 Minute Herbal Poultice        $130

Bamboo Massage
Full body massage using smooth, heated
bamboo. Relieves muscle tightness and provides relaxation.
75 Minute Bamboo Massage                 $110
90 Minute Bamboo Massage                 $125


Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. 
*Reflexology is not a medical procedure nor are there any medical diagnoses.  No claims are made that this modality will heal you of any illnesses.
*The session begins with a warm foot bath with almond and honey soap, followed by reflexology session
*Session is done fully clothed in a reclining chair

60 Minute Session                $80



Not all add ons are available for every service


Lemon Sugar Scrub - plus 10 minutes $15

Lemon Sugar Scrub and Massage - plus 20 minutes $35

Scalp Massage - plus 10 minutes $20

Reflexology - plus 30 minutes $45

10 Minute Mini CranioSacral Therapy (not a scalp massage) - plus 10 minutes $20

30 Minute Mini CranioSacral Therapy (not a massage) - plus 30 minutes $45

Warm Stone Spot Work - no charge

Prenatal - no charge

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