A thorough intake and consultation is provided before each massage

Services *Prices do not include gratuity

** Massages cannot be split between different dates and/or different people. 
***Prices subject to change
Full Body Massage (including prenatal)
Includes aromatherapy, warm neck wrap, and hot towels for feet
Whether you are looking to relax or need deep, therapeutic work, your massage is catered to your needs using a variety of massage modalities.
60 Minutes                             $70
75 Minutes                             $85
90 Minutes                             $100
120 Minutes                           $125
*aromatherapy is contraindicated for
prenatal massage
     Look on the Discounts tab for new client pricing

Fully Clothed Massage

Don't have a lot of time or only want to work on specific areas?  This is perfect for some quick relief.

45 Minutes                             $50

*new client discounts do not apply

Workplace or Event chair massage
Having a spa day or employee appreciation event?  Chair massage is a great addition.  Contact me for more details
$75 per hour per therapist
Specialty Massages
Hot Stone
Based on LaStone Therapy principles, this massage  uses warmed basalt stones to relieve stiffness from sore muscles.  Stones are heated in water and placed (never directly on the skin; always with a sheet in between) on critical trigger points. While these are working those points, hot stones are used in place of hands to create a soothing, deep massage.  Great for those sore muscles.
75 Minute Hot Stone            $115
90 Minute Hot Stone            $125
120 Minute Hot Stone          $155
Herbal Poultice
This massage combines pressure points, a
steamed herbal poultice, and a hands on massage. Herbs and
spices such as lemongrass, tumeric, and camphor are wrapped
in a soft muslin fabric.  The poultice is steamed and worked over
the entire body to warm and relieve sore muscles. The best part is
you get to take the poultice home with you! 
75 Minute Herbal Poultice        $105
90 Minute Herbal Poultice        $120
Bamboo Massage
Full body massage using smooth, heated
bamboo. Relieves muscle tightness and provides 
75 Minute Bamboo Massage                 $110
90 Minute Bamboo Massage                 $125
*new client discount does not apply to specialty

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